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Rebuilding, surprise CITI Custom Cash Approval


Re: Rebuilding, surprise CITI Custom Cash Approval

@Eldodroptop1 wrote:

Not just far better credit. But I have NEGATIVE history with CITI. Like I said, it's a head scratcher, but I'll gladly accept!

They seem to prefer 'the devil they know'!  Congratulations.

Credit Profile (as of 10/2021)
F8 EX 755, EQ 758, TU 748
EX F8 BC 769 F2 Mtg 772 F9 761
Aggregate Utilization: 1%
TCL: $73,000, 11 revolving accounts
Accounts w/ balances 1
AoOA 3Y 5M, AAoA 1Y 11M, AoYA 7M
New Accounts 6/24, 2/12, 0/6, 0/3
INQs 12 Months EX 1, EQ 0, TU 1

Bank Cards
Bank of America
American Express

Pre-screened offers
GS Apple Card 15.99%, $4,100 SL
Wells Fargo Reflect, 16.99% APR, Pre-selected
Wells Fargo Active Cash 19.99% APR. Pre-selected
American Express BCP, Green Card
FNBO 2% Evergreen APR:22.24%, $5,000 SL
FNBO Visa Signature (pre-selected), no APR, mailer
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