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Regions approval..

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Re: Regions approval..

Cmon guys, lets keep the thread on topicSmiley Wink. Sheesh, let a Mod app and the world goes to heck in a Chase basketSmiley Wink
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Re: Regions approval..

@CreditCuriosity wrote:

@JAG73 wrote:

@Remedios Is it better than a heated blanket? 


I got a pre-approval from Regions in the mail today. Im undecided. I’d like to get under 5/24 before the year I may hold off. 

Just do it my Nashville buddy Smiley Happy.. 5/24 imo you are missing out on so many other subs.  Granted I say this as I have the Freedom/CSR and also the IHG all the chase cards I really want other then possibly the FU card.  I just gave up on 5/24 or cap1 6 or 7/24 rule as they are silly as bonuses are getting tighter at least with how good the economy is doing atm and i am getting them while i can then when the economy eventually tanks again whenever that is the CC companies will be trying to acquire customers again and loosen up such rules and ill continue to hit just my take on it @JAG73  Smiley Happy.. With strong credit comes alot of perks use it for you whether bonuses, good interest rates, 0% promos or the best terms on anything.  It is nice knowing I will always or should always have the best terms on anything i want in the credit world now and shouldn't be declined on score alone anymore.  Feels so good to be clean!  I suppose that is why i hit up 4 CC in the last month or so and refinanced my personal loan at 5.95% as my reports were clean and I just "could" Smiley Happy

I know that feeling first-hand, and it's nice, indeed!  Smiley Very Happy


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Re: Regions approval..

The peer

You make valid points CC!

My offer doesn’t “expire” till end of Aug....I’m going to think on it Smiley Tongue

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