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SDFCU - Premium Cash Back +

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SDFCU - Premium Cash Back +

Was approved today by the skin of my teeth for membership to the State Department Federal Credit Union and the Premium Cash Back + credit card.  Smiley Happy


They pulled Experian, Amex Experian FICO 8 says 780. I had 9 INQ's in last 24 months, 2 in last 12 months.  6 CC's in last 24 months, 2 in last 12 months.  Paid off a car loan and got a new one 2 months ago.  One mortgage, 11 accounts total.  AAoA 2y5m, oldest account 7y1m, no derogs, util ~1% total, $88.5k total available credit.  Should probably mention that none of my Business CC's showed up in their pull.


I applied online and uploaded last 2 pay stubs, photos of drivers license, certifacate of membership to American Consumer Council.  Told them I was specifically interested in Chip + PIN card in comments.


App'ed on Monday after telling someone else about in Credit Card section of the forum and talking myself into applying for it.  They have a system so that you can check your application status online and the next day it as saying "Need more info".  I waited for them to reach out until today, Thursday, when I called and asked what the scoop was.  Not used to 4 day waits and was getting a little bit of cold feet about apping.  They said they my app should be reviewed this afternoon.


I didn't hear anything back so I checked my application status after work and it said I was approved for $5k, which is listed as the lowest limit they would approve for.  Not even sure on the APR yet, but I suspect it is the highest, guess we'll see.


Just wanted to give my data points for this card and CU, there aren't too many details on it except hearing that they are really conservative and are not friendly to thick credit files with lots of CC's or high available credit limits.  Seems like I just sneaked in.  Let me know there is any other details you'd like to know.

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Re: SDFCU - Premium Cash Back +

Congrats on the approval and thanks for the data points!

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Re: SDFCU - Premium Cash Back +

Congratulations on your approval!

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Re: SDFCU - Premium Cash Back +

Congrats on your approval !!!!


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Re: SDFCU - Premium Cash Back +

Sneaking in with 5k is pretty good imoSmiley Wink
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Re: SDFCU - Premium Cash Back +

Congratulations on your approval...great DP.....Smiley Happy

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