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SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

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SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

Thanks to @snickerpedia and @ocheosa  for their help in navigating this winding road called SECU(MD)! Without a doubt my toughest of apps!! 

And congrats to both, for their approvals!! Smiley Very Happy

SECU doesn't seem very friendly to out of state applicants! Puts me in the mind of another CU that will remain nameless here. lol

The actual credit apps are a piece of cake. The loan officers were a joy to chat with. Both of the ones I spoke to were genuinely nice.

Getting through the verification department, especially with the Covid issues, makes it a bit more difficult. 

If you're not flagged, like I and so many others were. The entire process is pretty cut and dry. Probably best to mail in your application if out of state. The process is a little longer though.


Ok here's the nitty gritty. Your credit pull is good for 30 days. So you can apply for other products in that time frame. Best to call in and apply for the 2nd product. If not you'll take a chance of another HP. Getting through to anyone outside of lending or online tech support is a nightmare at the moment!!


Make sure your membership is approved before continuing the app process. If not you'll be stuck with approvals and no way to utilize them.

You have 60 days to secure membership before you lose the approval(s) and forced to reapply.


My buddy @CreditCuriosity  has already given the main details. Such as they pull EQ5. Mine was a 737.

EQ HPs before app 8 (2) scoreable. 

Multiple new accounts. Several hadn't reported when I applied.


Visa Signature $20k at 11.49% 

 Earn 3x points on dining, travel, Amazon and iTunes**; 2x points on gas and groceries**; and 1x on all other purchases.

No annual fee, balance transfer fee, cash advance fee, or foreign transaction fee

SECU Visa Sig.png


PLOC $15k at 13.74% 

Credit lines from $300 to $30,000



Those are the lowest rates offered for each product. They gave me exactly what I requested.

I can say without a doubt I'm taking a break. I made my milestone. It has taken me 5 years exactly to reach it.

In May of 2015 I started rebuilding with two CC totaling $2600 TCLs. With these two apps I'm now a hair over $1 million TCLs.


I'll lose some of it through this year, as I have a couple cards I'll be closing. It's all good though. lol

When Synchrony gets wind of all these new accounts about to report. I may lose a bit more! Smiley LOL

I've got 4 new accounts that haven't reported yet. I've never been to the garden. But I'm about to buy a GPS and go find it.

Well.. for atleast 6 months. Smiley Wink





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Re: SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

Congratulations on your massive approvals!

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Re: SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC


Thanks my friend!!

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Re: SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

Welcome to the SECU family!


IIRC they raised the minimum credit score to something like 670+ EQ5 after corona


Pretty generous CU and the card is sweet

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Personal/40.15K Biz/23K POT/17K
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Re: SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

I can only imagine the wallet needed to fit your new card with the rest of your other cards 😂


Congratulations on your approvals

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Re: SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

@Dumbee  Thanks!! Your post was one of those that guided me to this CU! lol


@simplynoir Smiley LOLSmiley LOL

Thanks buddy!! Yeah that wallet is called the SD. Smiley TongueSmiley LOL

Think of all the debit cards and ATM cards!! lol

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Re: SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

Holy Toledo $1MM ? WINNING !!!

Congratulations to our very own Credit Caped Crusader !! 


thumb image

Affinity FCU: Cash Rewards VS, PLOC. AOD FCU VS. BB&T Bright. BBVA: ClearPoints (x2), Rewards VS. Cap One: QS MC, QS Visa, SavorOne, Walmart. Discover it CB. DSNB: Bloomies Amex, Macy's Amex. NFCU: cashRewards VS, Plat MC, Plat Visa, CLOC. SECU MD VS. WF Propel Amex. Misc: Overstock, Target. TCL: $286K.
[6/21] Scores 8/9: 700-800s. Util: 1-2%. Inq/12: EQ 6, EX 8, TU 1. AAoA=5y, AoOA=34y, AoYA=6m.

Business: Staples LOC. FNBO Evergreen. AmEx Amazon Prime. Quill Net30. Uline. Office Depot.TCL: $22.3K
Current Project: 21-22 Business Profile.
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Re: SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

Congrats @Gmood1 !!!


"help in navigating this winding road called SECU"





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Re: SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

Congrats on the approvals and reaching $1 million aggregate. I have a long way to go after just hitting $120k today. 

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Re: SECU(MD) Visa Signature $20k and $15k PLOC

Congrats @Gmood1  on these approvals and crossing into the $1M Hall Of Fame.  Smiley Happy

3/2016 EX 644 CK-TU 642 CK-EQ 660 WalMart- 671.
>12/2020 CCT EX 821 TU 826 EQ 840

"Survival kit contents check. In them you'll find:

- One forty-five caliber automatic
- Two boxes of ammunition
- Four days' concentrated emergency rations
- One drug issue containing antibiotics, morphine,
vitamin pills, pep pills, sleeping pills, tranquilizer pills
- One miniature combination Russian phrase book and Bible
- One hundred dollars in rubles
- One hundred dollars in gold
- Nine packs of chewing gum
- One issue of prophylactics
- Three lipsticks
- Three pair of nylon stockings.

Shoot, a fella' could have a pretty good weekend in Vegas with all that stuff."

Major Kong (Slim Pickens) in Dr. Strangelove 1964
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