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SO received CSP approval, $20k SL

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Re: SO received CSP approval, $20k SL

Congratulations to SO on the CSP approval!

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Re: SO received CSP approval, $20k SL

Congrats on the nice approval!

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Re: SO received CSP approval, $20k SL

@disdreamin wrote:

A couple months back I had inquired about a good starter card for my SO to try for to get back into the CC game since they'd been out of it for a while (they were AU on a few of my cards but had none of their own). They ended up doing a card with our CU to start with, but the CSP was still tempting us.

Since I am currently working on amassing Chase UR for travel in a couple years, SO agreed to try for a CSP when we were in the branch last week. We didn't realize until we spoke to the CSR that they waive the $95 AF the first year if you apply in the branch (we had other banking paperwork we needed to complete and happened to mention SO was in the market for a card in the not-too-distant future). Turned out all CRs were locked, so we unlocked and tried again today...and success.


Given SO's thin file, at least as far as being primary on CC's goes, I was concerned, but tunred out it was an immediate approval for a nice SL. When I app'd a few weeks ago I wasn't so lucky, mine was a battle of moving CLs and all different kinds of verification. So yay, Chase can play nice sometimes!

Great SL for SO--- congrats!

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Re: SO received CSP approval, $20k SL


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Re: SO received CSP approval, $20k SL

🥂 Huge Congrats on the SL, waived AF.
Go and get those UR points!
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