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Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

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Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

Hi guys!! I'm new to the forum...ummm no, not really lol. Anytime I would need help or confused about something I could google MyFico and read soooo many posts...I finally decided, hey why not join!! Glad to be here :-)

My journey with credit re-started a few years ago. Restarted as in no real credit history but 1 baddie from 7 years ago due to a loan I could not maintain. That recently fell off and I immediately applied for an Amex Delta card. Approved for $1000. A few months later after paying that card on time and in full, I received an offer to apply for the Amex charge card!! Aaaaaggh approved!!! My credit score at this time was 640. I believe Amex cared more about the relationship I had built with them than my score. Citi Card next approved for $800.

I did not apply for anything else for about a year which leads me to this year, 2018. I applied for a capital one platinum card. After receiving a "under review" screen called and found out I was not approved due to a fraud alert I had recently signed up for and would have to remove it to proceed. Had to call all 3 bureaus and get it removed and have my application "reprocessed" which I found out meant run my credit again! So 2 hits for 1 application that got approved for $1000. Next applied to Neimans which is a capital one backed card...received the call to verify info email. Called, told I was denied. After literally calling 50 million times to try to reach someone that could help verify, was approved for $2000. (CLI to $3,000 after just 1 month and paying triple the statement)

I shop at both Saks and Neimans a lot and was surprised to see Saks is also Capital One backed. Applied as my credit score is 690 now, no baddies, 100 payment on time, no more than 6 inquiries, and 22% util and was given the under review screen (aren't those so frustrating!!). Called and was told have to wait for letter in the mail. I was told this by about 20 agents (I'm a firm believer in sometimes you have to keep calling til you get what you want!!) The letter finally came saying denied but no reason why and I could write for no thanks!!! After reading posts on here (thanks guys!!)...I emailed EO and told them I have 2 other capital one cards and if I'm denied it has to be for verification reasons. (No I wouldn't let it go) Someone called me and said they would look into the matter...very nice lady named Lisa!! Called me back 3 hrs later and said it was indeed a verification issue and apologized and said someone would call me later that evening if I wanted to proceed with my application. I said I did, thanked her and that same night Saks called, sent a code to my phone they wanted me to verify and approved me for $750

It's not a lot but def my foot in the door and shows sometimes that no isn't really a no...its just a keep trying!!!! My journey continues!!!
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Re: Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

Nice story and congrats on the approval.  You're right, sometimes a no is just a delayed yes lol.

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Re: Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

Yes!! Exactly lol... don't give up or in!
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Re: Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

Nice job Smiley Happy Thanks for sharing and welcome officially to the forumSmiley Happy
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Re: Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

Congratulations on your approval and your credit journey!

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Re: Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

Thank you!!!
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Re: Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

Thanks so much!!!
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Re: Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

COngrats on your approval !!!!!



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Re: Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

Love that Meme lol!! Thank u!
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Re: Saks Approval...AFTER Denial!!! Must Read!!

Congrats on all your approvals and limits!!


Welcome to MyFICO Forums!!


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