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Saks Store Card CLI - WOW!

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Re: Saks Store Card CLI - WOW!

Did you get this card as a pop up?

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Re: Saks Store Card CLI - WOW!

No, does capital one do that?
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Re: Saks Store Card CLI - WOW!

Congrats!  That's a much better limit, so now you can buy something fun! 


Two months ago, I went on a credit card application spree after years of not seeking credit and subsequently rebuilding.  The Saks store card was one of the retail I applied for due to my love for fashion plus my good relationship with Capital One.  When I applied, it asked me to call a number for verification. Followed the instructions to call, and was approved over the phone with a starting credit limit of $2,250.  They pulled Equifax (my highest) that was around 779 at the time. I hope they will increase my limit (I know I can call and ask) to improve overall utilization, so your post gives me hope.


I also applied for the Neiman Marcus card (also C1), and that process was brutal.  I was given the same "call this number", but they required me to go in the store to apply hitting me with another inquiry which I plan to dispute. It paid off, though, since they gave me a starting limit credit limit of $6,000 using my Equifax score (again the highest).  I hope the limits of these two retail cards increase!  

700s club (again)!! New cards as of 7/19
AMEX PRG - NPSL ; AMEX Delta Gold $11,500; AMEX Delta Reserve $4,700; AMEX Hilton Aspire $4,000 (was an existing HH Diamond earned the hard way for many years); AMEX Bonvoy Brilliant $4,700; DiscoverIT Cashback $9,500; Neiman Marcus card $6,000 starting CL 8/2019; Saks 5th Avenue Store Card $2,250 starting CL 8/2019 & 9/2019 CLI to $6,000 (SP); Capital One Venture CL $9,500; Pre-Approved Capital One Auto Navigator at $30,000 top-tier Prime APR

Older existing cards: Capital Secured Platinum $1,302 (never graduated as C1 halted secured upgrades); US Bank secured $300 (never graduated to unsecured, but going to can before the annual fee).
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