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Savor Approval

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Savor Approval

After a lot of financial hardship, I have been working to rebuild my credit, and I was recently approved for the Capital One Savor card with SL of $2000. So excited! 

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Re: Savor Approval

Congratulations on the approval! That's a nice starting limit.Smiley Happy

I wish you the best in your rebuilding journey! 

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Re: Savor Approval

Congrats on your Cap One Savor approval!

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Re: Savor Approval

Welcome To myFICO Forums and

popcorn eating emoticon.gif

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Re: Savor Approval

Congrats on your new card

2020 is like a steak cooked well-done that needs to get out of my face. - @imapharmacygirl
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Re: Savor Approval

Grats on your new Savor card Smiley Happy
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Re: Savor Approval

Congrats and welcome to the Savor family. Its a great card.

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Re: Savor Approval

congrats on the savor card and sl , i thought all savors and ventures started at 3k 

08 ficos 9/2019 eq 685 tu 704 ex 677
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Re: Savor Approval

Congrats on your new Savor card!

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Re: Savor Approval


Late to the game but at least I'm getting started.

FICO 08 as of 2/7/20: EX – 712; EQ – 711; TU – 718 – still building
4/9/20: TU: 747 and EX: 730

New Cards:
Discover IT $12k (7/2019) CLI (4/2020): +2k
Uber VISA $7K (10/2019) --- whomp, whomp; SavorOne $10K (12/19) – P2
AMEX BCE $1K (10/2019) CLI (5/2020): +$2k (3x CLI yippee)

Biz Cards:
Chase Ink Business Cash (1/2020)

Back in the garden....

Goal cards:

1) Chase Ink Preferred (ads/shipping)
2) AMEX Blue Cash Preferred (hopefully I receive upgrade offer)
3) AMEX Blue Business Cash - Approved 6/1/20 (late game and after I’m done with Chase SUBs)
Maybe: US Bank Cash + VISA Signature Card (denied in 7/2019 with 2 inquiries) - maybe I'll try again for utilities and gym
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