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Savor Huge SL

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Savor Huge SL

Savor $30,000 SL. I am truly blown away.

Dropped out of Ch 13 two years ago. Fiercly fought back, slowly but relentlessly. This board is a great learning tool.


Discover $7,200 since 10/18 and they wont raise my line.

Capital One Venture $6,500

Captital One Quicksilver $3,500


Ex 688

Eq 686

TU 688

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Re: Savor Huge SL

That is amazing. Congratulations!! And your scores aren’t in the 700s which gives me a lot of hope for that card. 

Starting Score: 494 503 521
Current Score: 503 507 507 2/19
Goal Score: 680

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Re: Savor Huge SL

That is a huge approval.  Congrats and enjoy the card!

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Re: Savor Huge SL

That's a pretty impressive SL from Capital One, congrats to you... must've made them happy in the past!

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Re: Savor Huge SL

That’s an amazing SL! Enjoy! Based on your other cards I’d say Cap One likes you
Discover It: 19.7k
Amex ED: 18k
Citi DC: 7.7k
Fidelity Visa: 2k
Apple Card: 1.5k
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Re: Savor Huge SL

Congratulations with the huge SL enjoy👍
NFCU Flagship 25,000 Penfed PowerCash 8,750 PenFed PL 20,000 NFCU AMEX Rewards 37,500 NFCU GoRewards 7,000
Capital One Quicksilver 6,300
Lowe’s 34,500
Wells Fargo Propel 10,000
Barclay Apple1k
Citi Rewards+ 10,600
Citi Double Cash 14,800
Citi Simplicity 5,500
PNC Core VISA 17,500
Home Depot 1,000
USAA AMEX 10,000
Discover 14,500
BB&T Rewards 4,500 BB&T Bright Card 4,500 GS Apple 5,500 Chevron 1650 Fico 8 Scores EQ=761,EX=760,TU=766 scores and CL current as of 04/23/21 AAoA=2years10minths AoOA=17yrs
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Re: Savor Huge SL

Dang! That’s a huge SL from Cap! Congrats!
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Re: Savor Huge SL

"Savor $30,000 SL. I am truly blown away." Congrats!


I am blown away too, since they deny people with good/excellent credit and scores in the 800's


i dont even bother to Apply. Not interested in wasting "3" Hard Pulls.

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Re: Savor Huge SL

Congratulations! Monster SL!

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Re: Savor Huge SL

@BackInAction wrote:

Savor $30,000 SL.



Super Congrats!!!Smiley Very Happy

BK CH7--Filed September 25, 2018--D/C Jan.4, 2019
{FICO8 Feb.12, 2019--TU 580--EX 600--EQ 626}

Credit One Visa CLOSED by me May 2020!! :-)($500 now $700) Nov. 2018
SelfLender (2 year) Nov. 2018
Capital One Platinum MC ($2000 now $2500) Jan. 2019
Target RedCard ($500 at 4 months $800 six months later $1900) April 2019
Venus Comenity ($500 now $1500) May 2019 no HP
Ann Taylor Loft MC ($1000) June 2020 no HP
Overstock ($350 now $2350) June 2020 no HP

FICO 8 SCORES: 06-04-2020633 TU656 EX652 EQ
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