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Savor Huge SL

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Re: Savor Huge SL

It began as a pre qual. They did not pre qual me. I proceeded with an app and they instant approved me for $30k.

@Tito1183 wrote:

Did you pre qualify online?

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Re: Savor Huge SL

@CreditCuriosity wrote:

@hagsaeng wrote:

I was recently approved as well for Savor. It seems like Capital One is denying people with high scores who fit a profile of a churner - those who open an account, get the SUB, then downgrade or close. They must have their own 5/24 type rule in place and other factors to avoid the risk from the higher score dine & dash users. 

bingo people with high scores and incomes that open alot of of accounts cap1 doesn't find profitable thus alot of denials due to usually those people open 10 plus cc's in say 2 years and that will be a sure denial with the new cap1.. scores dont really matter with cap1 at all just really somewhat income and not alot of new accounts.



Thanks, that kinda answers my thoughts/Questions 

good DP's, although I am not a churner, and  have a very Old Age of ALL, I have opened a few in the last 2 years.

I have about 20-25 CC's, and have ONLY been Denied By Cap1. (over a year ago)

I would like The Savor Card, but I would only Gain 1% does it really fit? ..

I dont spend that much on Restaraunts to Justify.

Thanks, as you answered some things by your reply's.

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Re: Savor Huge SL

Very, very, very nice!!! Congratulations!!! Smiley Happy

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Re: Savor Huge SL

Congrats! I just got approved for this card as well!

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Re: Savor Huge SL


Explains my CLI rejection on two cards.

Just kidding, that would've happened regardless.

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Re: Savor Huge SL


I’d be blown away with a $1k SL!! 🤣🤣🤣

Awesome comeback!!!👏👏👏

Best wishes on your journey!🤞

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