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Second Amex approved!

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Second Amex approved!

I've been seeing approvals for a second Amex with no HP, so I thought I'd give it a go.  Figured, if denied it'd be no HP, so had nothing to lose.  New account won't report for a couple of months (unless it's different with second card?)


Had to call in to verify address, but immediately approved for ED with $16,600 SL.  My highest SL yet! ( I combined Cap One cards last month to make a $16,550 CL, but it hasn't hit my reports yet).  DH applied last month for his first Amex, the BCE, and his SL was also $50 higher than his current highest CL).


My daughter and son in law are coming next month for vacation, so I could justify the $1000 spend in 3 months.


Amex last EX score was 740.  MyFICO EX has dropped a little due to the cap one combo not finished reporting.  EX sits at 733 right now because it looks like I lost $6550 in available credit.  The combined card hasn't reported yet.


PS...its only been about 15 minutes since approval, but no notifications of HP yet.  Will update if a HP happens.


Current Cards, scores and INQ

EX 733 TU 732 EQ 758. (Have one 30 day late showing from 3 years ago on EX and TU - EQ is clean)

EX 13  TU 6 EQ 9


Credit One: $900 CL ( will close in October, they currently are not charging monthly fee or interest until the end of my 2nd year in October - this was a retention offer..not using card at all)

Chase SWRR $3000

Cap One QS $16,550

Amex BCE $6,000 (3x CLI in May)

Citi DP $8,900

Amex ED $16,600


Been a busy couple of years rebuilding....but so pleased with progress!  Feels good to be able to hold my own in the credit world.  Can't thank you all enough for the support and data shares.  This forum has been a godsend! 


Much ❤️!

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Re: Second Amex approved!

Congrats! That's a very nice SL.

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Re: Second Amex approved!

Congrats an the approval and the awesome SL. 

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Re: Second Amex approved!

Congrats on the approval and big starting limit! I really like my ED, so I think you are going to love it. Smiley Happy

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Re: Second Amex approved!

Congrats on your approval and credit journey so far! Always nice to see progress like this.

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Re: Second Amex approved!

Amazing job GidgetmomSmiley Happy. I dont think itll be a hp but dang a 16k limit would certainly be worth itSmiley Wink. Great progress, enjoy the upcoming time wth familySmiley Happy
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Re: Second Amex approved!

Thank YOU, everyone.  I would not be here without everything I have learned from everyone' successes...and failures.  


Ive learned the basic rules...I'm ready to play the game! Smiley Wink

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Re: Second Amex approved!

Congrats on that 2nd Amex and great SL Smiley Happy
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