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Secured Discover IT graduated after 6 months

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Secured Discover IT graduated after 6 months

I opened my secured Discover IT card back in September of 2017 with a starting limit of 1300. I then maxed out that limit to 2500 a few months later. I got an email about two weeks ago telling me that my account was being upgraded to unsecured and that I'd have my deposit back within 5-7 business days and sure enough, I checked the mail 4 or 5 days later and there was a check for 2500.


I'm taking that money and adding it to my Well Fargo Secured personal card which has an existing balance of 5K to take it up to 7.5K. When I opened that card I didn't know that the max was 10K and not 5K like most other secured cards so I had only brought 5K with me when I opened it. Now I want to get it up to the full 10K so that when it unsecures it'll be at 10K and then I'll get that 10K back. 


Kudos to Discover thought. They unsecured fast and sent my money back fast! Can't ask for much more than that!

Rebuilding credit since April 2013 ((Ch7 BK discharge)):
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$2k - Secured
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Student Loan $72k.
Mortgate $360K
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Re: Secured Discover IT graduated after 6 months

Congrats!!!! I opened mine around the same time (well, August) and still waiting. 9 statements. You give me hope my time is coming!
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