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Shocking Chase Approval!!

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Shocking Chase Approval!!

In 2007 when I had gotten laid off, I ended up late on my Chase auto loan ... the customer service allowed me to make two payments that month, but the collections department tried to repo.  I was going to be late again a few months later, and simply decided I could not keep the payment with the current situation and let them repo it.  Later, they had a garnishment on my paycheck until I paid enough that they released me.  Recently it fell off my credit report. 

So... a few days ago I checked the Chase preapproval site, they said 'Sorry, no offers for you'

Then I get an invitation in the mail for the Freedom Unlimited.  I wasn't going to apply - I know Chase doesn't forgive easily.  PLUS I am over the 5/24,  I am at like 10/24.

Since I don't really need more cards to reach my goal at this point... I figured why not take one more hit and just see what happens (I have six inquiries on both TU and EQ).  They approved me!!!  LOL!!!  It's only a 700.00 limit... but, that's okay.  I never expected it.

My CK scores are 693/692.  They also asked if any collections show on my credit report... which I have one that shows on one report, but not the others... so I answered no, hoping they pulled from TU or EX.... guess they did!

Maybe it will give me a chance to repair more of the damage done .... at least I'm in...  Smiley Happy

So.... there is hope to get back in with Chase after a bad experience.  I never thought I would.

Starting Score: EQ: 638 TU: 641 EX: 642 8/2015
Current Score: EQ: 654 TU: 682 EX: 658 10/2015
Goal Score: 800

FICO Bankcard 3/16 705!!! Smiley Happy
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Re: Shocking Chase Approval!!


Amex Gold =Amex ED 20k = Amex BCP 14k = Amex SPG Lux 2k = Arrival 2k = Ring 14k = BOA 321 30k = BOA BBR 10k = CSR 25k = Freedom 10k = Citi Simplicity 9k = Citi DC 5k = Citi DP 3k = DCVR IT 15k = DCVR MILES 7k = CAP1 QS 15k = NFCU CR24k/AE25k/CLOC 15k = BBVA 14k = Wells Plat. 5k = (2) US Bank Cash+ 9k, 14k

FICO scores TU 764 EX 739 EQ 745
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Re: Shocking Chase Approval!!

Amex BC 20k - Citi DC 11.4K Cap 1 QS 5.5k - Ashley Furn 7.5K - Lowes 5K - Chase Amazon 4K - Disco 3.4K - PNC Cashbuilder 3K - Chase Freedom 2K - VS Angel 2.75K - Target 1.4K
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Re: Shocking Chase Approval!!

Very nice approval, the good news is that you are " In" with Chase... several others have tried without any luck.... congrats !!

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Re: Shocking Chase Approval!!

Thats awesome!! Smiley Happy


I was approved a few months back for both Slate and Freedom and had lower scores but I currently bank with them. I was surprised to have the preapprovals on the site.


Do you currently bank with Chase? If so, they may had taken that into consideration since I as well was way over the 5/24 rule with over 20 inquires on each bureau. 


They had approved me with Slate for $1500 and Freedom $2000.




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