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SoFi - Approved


Re: SoFi - Approved

Yes, I got the branded cards before they were added on to the 5/24 mix Smiley Happy

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Re: SoFi - Approved

@4sallypat wrote:

Congrats on the CL!


I received an invite as well, thinking of opening an account - how much would you say is safe to start with and apply for the credit card ?

I never got the invite but was on the waiting list for months. When I logged on yesterday to make a trade, I noticed that the "Apply" button was finally clickable for me. I don't really know what relationship benchmarks they look at to help with the approval. For me, I had a checking account with a $30 balance and ~ $6,000 on the investment side.

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Re: SoFi - Approved

👍 Congrats on the Sofi approval and thank you for the data points!

Current as of February 21st
TCL $126.6 - 2.#%UTL || - SL Balance $20.6K
FICO 08 EQ723, TU725, EX725 || Mortgage Scores: EQ 724, Tu 694, EX 726


Restarted my rebuild in April 2018

Gardening until Emerald Spade - Accomplished. 1st App on the list is AODFCU, next is TBD
Last apps: (2) August 18, 2019. Instant approvals but one account opened on the 19th
Inquiries: EQ/TU/EX (0 / 3 / 1) - 0/6 0/12 4/24 (based on DPs; 5/24, an AU from 8/16/2019) IHG
Dirty/Thick/Aged/ No New Acoounts

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