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SoFi, CSP and NFCU

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Re: SoFi, CSP and NFCU

@krisssmmm wrote:

I finally hit 700+ after rebuilding for what felt like forever. I got a balance transfer loan and paid off a bunch of cards which helped my utilization go down even further. 

April 17- I got approved for Sofi for $8,500 (before the loan) which was my highest limit 


April 26th- I got 30 day message then approved for CSP after verification. I still have a late haunting me, so I was sure this would be a recon. $6500 limit. 

May 11th-I recently joined NFCU 4/7 to est relationship. I applied on a whim, I was trying to hold out until June since I don't need it at the moment. I app'd for the Flagship hoping to get 5k minimum, and they gave me $25k! I'm still in shock and def headed to the garden for a few months. 

DP's: I don't know my fico for trans, but CK and Wallet Hub are showing 743. Exp Fico is 724 today, but 708 for Sofi and CSP internal score was 715. 87k income, low rent, and I've been a Chase checking and Slate cardholder forever so I think that helped. NFCU I have checking and savings, my direct deposit hasn't gone through yet, but I have about $3300 between both accounts and used the debit card a handful of times. 

Congratulations on all your pretty approvals! Welcome to the NFCU family and tribe! 🙏🏻🎉🎉🎉

Starting Score: June 2020: 502
Current Score: EX: May 15 - 687, EQ: APR 2021 – 668, MAY 2021 – 726, APR 26 - TU: 673
May 15 - TU: 697

Goal Score: Good: 670 by May ✅. By JUN 675✅,
Come on 680 across all 3 ✅, 690’s by JUN. Over 700 in 2021, ideally 725plus, 805 LT
Inquiries: 30/0, 60/1, 90/6, 12/13
TCL: JUN 2020 $700, MAY 2021 $13,051
AAoA 1 YR 6 Months AoYA 7 weeks
2021 Goal Cards: NAFs and $5K CL’s

Bank and Credit Union Memberships:

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Re: SoFi, CSP and NFCU

Congrats on all of your approvals and rebuild! Incredible NFCU SL! 🎉🥳

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Re: SoFi, CSP and NFCU

Congrats...and NFCU is the bomb!

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Re: SoFi, CSP and NFCU

Wow, what a successful spree!

Congratulations @krisssmmm !

|| DTI 8% || Mortgage Scores: EQ724, Tu694, EX726 ||
Inquiries: EQ/TU/EX (0 / 2 / 1) - 0/6 - 0/12 - 3/24 ||

Next App on the list is ???
Last apps: (2) August 18, 2019
Garden goal - Unknown date, 2021
Going for Sapphire spade - May 18th 2021

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