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Sooo... Synchrony Wal-Mart Card Approved

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Re: Sooo... Synchrony Wal-Mart Card Approved

I started at 500. I've had the card for 6-7 months and it's now at 4k.
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Re: Sooo... Synchrony Wal-Mart Card Approved

I got the WM card last Summer IIRC, and at the time it had a $300 SL. This didn't bother me too awful much as I am not a frequent WalMart customer. I did use it a few times at Sam's club and paid it off ASAP. Kind of backed oof of using that card and it auto CLI'd up to $1000. About a month ago, for funsies I hit the luv button and raisedit up to 3K.


Likewise my mother had a $200 SL and tried a few times for a CLI and was denied every time. Then after 3 or 4 months got it increased to $1000. It seems like they liketo start you low and then after a few statements let you shoot the moon.

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Re: Sooo... Synchrony Wal-Mart Card Approved

Thanks everyone, for the personal history with Wal-Mart CC, gives me some hope!

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Re: Sooo... Synchrony Wal-Mart Card Approved

Use it wisely, it will grow with time.

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Re: Sooo... Synchrony Wal-Mart Card Approved

Not sure if the OP has the store card or the MC, but both will grow. After less than 4 months I bumped my Wally MC from $1300 to $7500 from two hits of the Luv button one evening.
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Re: Sooo... Synchrony Wal-Mart Card Approved

I think I started with a 500 cl two years ago. Got them to increase it to around 10k in a year. Bought something for about $35 on it last November, completely forgot that autopay was off. They did a credit limit decrease to $500 😑 but the chat guy waived the late fee. Credit limit is back up to 7k today
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