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Southwest APPROVED!!


Southwest APPROVED!!

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! I seriously can't thank this board enough for all the advice and tips! I have wanted the Southwest credit card since forever - was denied multiple times. Since I have been working on my credit and reading these forums, I thought I would take a chance today since they are offering the 60,000 bonus points after spending $2k. Instant approval for $4,000!! This will now be my primary card and the others will sit in the wallet with the occasional use. My husband and I always travel Southwest, so I am so excited to put everything on this card and rack up those points (aka flights)! Smiley Happy


Thanks again to everyone on this forum for helping me get my credit in order!


As for data, I only know my Transunion score because of Discover and my Experian score. I plan on checking my scores in a few months, but until then I am just using CK to keep track of my information and the two places listed below:


Transunion score: 644 (6/14/17)

Experian: 646 (6/19/17)


And for reference, CK (as of today) shows: TU - 664 and EQ - 680.


Southwest ($4,000), Cap1 QS ($1,100), DiscoverIt ($6,500), Amex BCE ($500)
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Re: Southwest APPROVED!!


EQ 778 EXP 782 TU 729
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Re: Southwest APPROVED!!

congrats OP! thinking of doing that too, because of the companion pass..

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Re: Southwest APPROVED!!

Congrats! I wanted this card for a long time too. Then I moved to Miami and Southwest doesn't fly out of here. Oh well. Enjoy the extra points and free flights. 

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Re: Southwest APPROVED!!

Nice.  That is one of the next cards I will get getting.

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Re: Southwest APPROVED!!

Great job! Who backs this card?
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Re: Southwest APPROVED!!

That is one of my dream cards! I want that companion pass!!!


@AJC it's a Chase card. Southwest Rapid Rewards.

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Re: Southwest APPROVED!!

Ok, thanks MrsCHXSmiley Happy
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Re: Southwest APPROVED!!



I covet this card quite a bit, and it irks the crap out of me that it falls within the 5/24 rule with Chase. 


I actually sent Southwest an email about it, but I doubt it'll matter much

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Re: Southwest APPROVED!!

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