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Successful Citi SP CLI 😀

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Re: Successful Citi SP CLI 😀

Awesome Congratz on the CLI!!

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Re: Successful Citi SP CLI 😀

@Anonymous wrote:

I had yet to ever request a CLI on any card. All the CLI's I've received in the past have been automated, but with seeing so much success on the forums, decided to try for my Citi Double Cash and maybe Discover. I'd seen conflicting info on whether Citi is a HP or SP for an online requested CLI, with some saying its case specific. In my Citi app, I looked at the language on the form for requesting a CLI. It said:


"Answer the following questions. Based on your responses, you COULD be approved instantly without a credit bureau report."

I came into the forums to see if anyone could offer advice on whether this would be a hp or sp. Based on Remedios responses, I decided to go online to Citi (as opposed to in the app) to see if there were any differences in the language that might assure me. Here's what the CLI form stated on the website: 


"We will NOT obtain a credit bureau report to evaluate your request, and you will receive a decision instantly. All fields are required unless specified as optional."


Though I used this card regularly when I first got it, I've been much more focused on UR points in the last year, and now it rarely gets any use save for a small monthly subscription I keep on it. Wasn't sure about what kind of increase to expect considering that it now gets very little use.


I pulled the button and got a 2k increase. No HP. Successful first CLI request! Happy dance 💃 




Congrats on your CLI! I wonder how long you had your Citi DC before you requested for an increase? Maybe it depends on account age to determine SP vs HP. I just opened one in December and wanted to have an idea of when I should request.

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