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Sun East CU Story

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Re: Sun East CU Story

@credit_is_crack wrote:

Congrats on the score @UH_HUH! Your total lines have really blown up in the last year - You've got this! 

Thanks @credit_is_crack  I have been reading all about your success.

Very happy for ya. 

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Re: Sun East CU Story

@kdm31091 wrote:

Sun East is local to me as well. While like many local CUs the rewards on the card are nothing very special, they seem like a good CU overall that is worth the relationship.

Thanks for commenting on my post @kdm31091 

If they are local to you then we are rooting for the same sports teams.

Assuming you were born around here :-)

Locally Citadel is ok.So is SunEast. American Heritage..a bit closer to the city.

But my favorite is TruMark. Their card is now at 5.99% and I am allways a sucker

for low apr's. Hope you have a great holiday weekend :-)


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