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Super Thin File - Approvals

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Super Thin File - Approvals


Happy New Year.

First post on this forum but learned so much from you lovely people in last 6 months here. Thank you all. I know a lot of people on this forum collect data points to help fellow forum members so here are my inputs. 


I am an immigrant who moved to USA in May 2017. No credit history in US. Applied for Discover card in July 2017 which was declined. By that time, i was kind of settled in your beautiful country so didn't try for any other credit for more than a year. My annual income is 87K. Few months back, i came across myFICO forums and started to learn the importance of good credit.


Applied for Discover secured card with 500 deposit in Aug 2018 and was approved.  Couple of days later - checked Cap1 pre qualified link and got Platinum unsecured with 300 SL. This Cap1 Platinum upgraded to QS with 400 SL after 4 months. Kept balance at around 5% and PIF. 

My FICO scores are still not generated yet, but in Dec 1st week, i checked US Bank prequalified link and was approved for US Bank Cash+ with 1000$ SL. They pulled from TU. 

In Dec 2nd week, i opened a Chase checking account and once i did setup the online account, i could see, i was preapproved for CSP, FU and Freedom cards. Applied for CSP and FU. CSP was approved for 5000 SL but FU was declined. They pulled from TU and EX

Last week, i was checking AMEX pre-approval and couldnt see any pre-approval for me but still applied for BCE. Instant approval for 5K. I think AMEX pulled from both TU and EX .






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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

You're off to a great start. Congrats!! Good luck!!  Smiley Wink

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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Congrats on your approvals and welcome to MyFico Forums. I would advise on gardening for atleast 6-12 months to let your accounts age a bit. 

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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Thank you both! Yes, the plan is to stay in the garden for a long time. I am expecting that AMEX BCE will grow really fast.   I am not a very big spender so this is more than enough at the moment. 

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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Congrats on the apps, between the CSP, BCE and USBank you should be set for now, I would probably SD the other cards and go rest in the garden for a bit, get some age, history and a couple of CLI's over the next year before applying for anything else..

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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Thanks. One quick question- Is it a good idea to put discover secured card in SD? Or should i continue with the light use of this card until i get my deposit back? I tried to convert it to 5% category card but it was declined. Cap1 is definately going in SD. 


No more apping in 2019 and I am eagerly waiting for my first FICO scores in Feb.

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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Congrats on the great approvals!
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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Congrats on your approval !!!


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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Congratulations on your approvals!

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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Welcome and best wishes congrats!
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USAA Classic Amex $0.5k
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Target $0.3k


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CapOne Platinum $0.7k (Combined into QS1)
Credit One MC $0.45k (Closed)
Credit One Visa $0.8k (Closed)
First Premier Visa $0.7k (Closed)
Indigo $0.3k (Closed)
Avant $0.3k (Closed)
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