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Super Thin File - Approvals

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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

@Migrant -


Welcome to the myFICO forum! We are thrilled that you joined us! Smiley Very Happy


Super Congrats on all of your approvals! From a new credit perspective,

you've accomplished more in 4 months than most people do all year.

You should feel very proud of yourself. Extremely well done! Smiley Very Happy


Discover, Cap1, Chase, US Bank and Amex are excellent credit choices.

You've done all the right things, and you've done all the right things right.

So I echo the sentiments of previous posters: Just garden for 12 months

and collect CLIs where you can. I'm sure you've learned by now that Amex

offers 3x CLIs after 61 days. So don't be surprised if your $5,000 BCE

grows into a $15,000 limit. Afterwards, you can ask for CLIs every 181 days. Smiley Very Happy


Just keep doing what you're doing, Migrant. Your story is a testament to

people starting from where they are and prospering where they are planted.

Congrats again on your rapid success. Thanks so much for sharing with us! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Congratulations on your approvals!
May 2021: Experian 710 Equifax 698 Transunion 715

Cards I Have:
Cap One QS: $600 (Sock drawer) || Cap One QS1: $4,100 || Discover It: $3,400 || Cap One Walmart: $600 (Sock drawer) || AMEX BCP: $1,000 || Amazon Prime Store Card: $6,000 || Overstock Store Card: $6,050 || FNBO Rewards Visa: $2,600 || Discover Cash Back: $2,000

Wishlist Cards:
Citi Double Cash || Paypal Mastercard || Cap One Savor

Gardening from 03/18/2021 to 04/18/2023 (ideally)
Total Utilization: 11%
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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Hey there!


I enjoyed reading your story. There are so many similarities between your story and a credit-related YouTuber I follow regularly. If you ever get bored, maybe check out how he too built his credit as a migrant from the UK.



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Re: Super Thin File - Approvals

Congratulations! Great story! Keep up the good work!

Life’s a garden...Dig it!
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