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Surprising CSR approval!


Re: Surprising CSR approval!

@alexanderdgr8 wrote:

Though I was eyeing CSR since its release, I didn't apply because my credit score dropped around 645 in last 3 months due to 0% balance transfer debts and also I started my credit journey only in Jan 2016.

Was initially in doubts that I will not get the CSR for sure but thought of taking the risk and walked into the Chase branch yesterday.

Asked if I had any pre-approval and was told none came up. I just asked the banker to apply for it and see where it goes.

She called customer service and the customer service rep informed me that my chase account and the CSP which I received 6 months back(Took the same risk for CSP with just 8-month history Smiley Tongue) is in good standing and I'm approved for 10k credit limit.

That was really a pleasant surprise to me! Smiley Happy

Huge congrats on the approval, and thanks for the data points!  screamer.gif

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