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Sweet! Got my $5k AOD CLI. $5k --> $10k :)

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Re: Sweet! Got my $5k AOD CLI. $5k --> $10k :)

Congrats on the incrase

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Re: Sweet! Got my $5k AOD CLI. $5k --> $10k :)

WooHoo!! Congratulations on your AOD Approval!!👏🏼🍾🥂

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Re: Sweet! Got my $5k AOD CLI. $5k --> $10k :)

Congratulations on your AOD CLI!

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Re: Sweet! Got my $5k AOD CLI. $5k --> $10k :)

Congrats on the CLI

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Re: Sweet! Got my $5k AOD CLI. $5k --> $10k :)

Congrats on your AOD luv

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>5/2023 All 3 reports 830ish (F8) but my app finger is still twitching
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Re: Sweet! Got my $5k AOD CLI. $5k --> $10k :)

Congratulations!  Smiley Happy

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Re: Sweet! Got my $5k AOD CLI. $5k --> $10k :)

@_ptatohed wrote:

Truth be told, in my going on 30 years of having credit cards, I have never requested a Credit Line Increase (CLI).  The reason being is I never 'needed' one.  I never came close to my limits.  Well, not so with my $5000 AOD FCU Visa Signature (3% CB everything card, no longer offered to new applicants).  We put everything non-cat on this card.  Daily spend and monthly spend.  Utilities, bills, Health/Car/Home insurance, retail, etc., etc.  Always paid in full.  A normal month can easily hit $2500.  So, try to add any big purchase to that and you bust.  Once I charged $2800 for some home theater chairs and I wasn't thinking, and it was denied.  After that, I learned to pay it down early if we had a big purchase planned.  Anyway, I figured I'd just go for it - as scared as I was to poke the sacred 3% hornet's nest!  But it went well and I was granted the CLI.  Smiley Happy    


When I was originally applying, my logic was I wanted to stay as low-key as possible, that's why I chose the lowest available limit for the card ($5k).  Not sure that helped, lol.  I imagined to myself them saying "There is no way we are giving this so-called mountain biker from California any more than a $5000 limit".  LOL!  


Anyway, the CLI was a (EQ) hard pull as people have stated here.  You are basically reapplying for the card.  I called Monday Mar 13 and the lady told me I need to reapply for the card.  I asked how I do that when the Visa Sig is not offered any more.  She told me I would just apply for their Platinum card and put in the notes that it is for a CLI to my Sig, not a new Plat.  She said I can apply over the phone or on-line.  I said whichever is easier for you and she said she was short staffed and closing soon so I should do it on-line.  Ok, no prob.  The problem was I got through the whole on-line app and there was never a location to add notes!  So then I was freaking out that I was going to get a new Plat card.  I sent a secure message from the website as well as an e-mail using the address I have on file to inform them.  I requested a total limit of $10,000.    


Nothing Tues 14.  On Wed 15, the same rep that I worked with 1.5 years ago when originally applying for the card e-mailed me a docusign requesting my last two pay stubs.  I sent three to be safe!  In her e-mail, she acknowledged that the application was for a CLI, not new card.  Phew!  


On Thurs 16, I was sent some docusign forms to sign.  It was all for the Platinum.  Oddly, I was approved for the lowest 8.49% Platinum rate per the paperwork, even though the website states 9.95% is the lowest.  Yes my Signature is still at a fixed 7.490%.  My Equifax was 780.  I really thought it was in the 800s but oh well.    


So, come Fri 17, I received nothing at all from AOD but when I logged in to my account, I see the $10,000 limit!  


So, needless to say, I am over the moon!  Smiley Very Happy  


P.S.  How did I write so much about a simple CLI?  Sorry about that.  Smiley Wink  




Congratulations on that 100% CLI Smiley Happy

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