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Swore I’d Never Do This .....

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Re: Swore I’d Never Do This .....

@AverageJoesCredit wrote:
Is it bad i like Strawberries? Smiley Wink

Is it bad that I STILL use a flip phone?


Yep, I do. Very rare I make calls, texting su**s using the two, three button push to change letters, but I deal with it, lol.

I don't trust smartphones. They know way too much info about us.

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Re: Swore I’d Never Do This .....

Its ok Benzman, smart phones really arent that smart. Want proof, just look at what they allow us to do and saySmiley Wink
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Re: Swore I’d Never Do This .....

OMG! I'm so cheap use my office phone for most things lol. Smiley Happy= land line yes haha.

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