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Synch Car Credit 2x CLI of $5k, new CL of $10k

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Synch Car Credit 2x CLI of $5k, new CL of $10k

Still smashing luv buttons, and gave ole Synchrony a try.


First time asking for CLI since they have switched over to using Vantage 4.0, so I wasn't expecting much from them.  My DW Car Credit account (and my Care Credit) didn't get the switch until around November, and the Vantage 4.0 originally popped up over 750 for the both of us (quite a bit higher than our FICO 8 TU scores).  But they both fell in December for whatever reason.  Mine dropped from 770s to right at 700 (my TU FICO8 has been 740 for several months).  My DW V4.0 is showing as 667 on Synch's site (not sure what her TU FICO 8 is, but I think it is around 700).


Anyway, I wasn't expecting anything out of Care Credit as I'm already at $20k and I'm not sure how high they would even go.  Got a denial for CLI for Care Credit, no lower amounts were even offerred.


Tried my DW's Car Care by entering a 2x CLI (asked for a total CL of $10k on her existing $5k CL).  Approved, a $5k CLI!  Man, wish I had asked for a CL of $15k or more!  This Car Care account has been a tough one to get any significant CLI's as compared to my Care Credit.  Started at $500 a year ago, then it went to $1250, then $4k, then $5k, with many denials between those increases.

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Re: Synch Car Credit 2x CLI of $5k, new CL of $10k

Congratulations on DW CLI!
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Re: Synch Car Credit 2x CLI of $5k, new CL of $10k


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