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Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250

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Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250

Hi all!

New to the boards after lurking for AGES. I've been in the process of rebuilding my credit and therefore haven't applied for any sort of cards since 2016... and had a denial for a CLI for my NFCU card a few months ago that totally turned me off from the process. That said, my score has been inching up and I've been looking for ways to bring down my overall utilization... and decided in the midst of doing some shopping that I'd apply for the Buckle Store CC. (They were offering 20% off, AND I was pretty sure I'd get it based on reading here.)


Sure enough, after a quick application and an Equifax pull, it was approved for $250 (which seems to be their standard starting limit). Even though I was pretty sure I'd get it, I was still totally shocked when it said yes. Made my purchase and paid off all but $5 immediately. Hoping that I can do this every few months and get some CLIs. Smiley Happy


For reference, here are my Equifax stats from the time of the pull:

  • FICO 9 was 613 (from NFCU) (but 622 per CK)
  • 3 inquiries - 1/19, 6/17, and 3/17
  • 100% on time payments (156/156)
  • 100% util (please don't judge me - I had made a payment that brought that down to 72%, but it won't post to my report till tomorrow)
  • 13 Accounts (1 CC, 1 Auto, 1 Personal Loan, 10 student loans)
  • AAoA - 11 months (thanks student loans)
  • 0 Derogs

All in all, really good experience, although, I probably won't be applying for anything else until I see what kind of score bump I get from bringing down my util.


Thank you all for posting such detailed info and helping me to get my credit act together. 



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Re: Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250

Congrats on your approval !!!



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Re: Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250

CONGRATULATIONS on your Approval and Welcome to the FORUMS!!!

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Re: Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250

Isn't Buckle a Comenity card?

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Re: Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250

@CreditContractor wrote:

Isn't Buckle a Comenity card?

@CreditContractor , yes it is. 


Congrats to you OP, and welcome! 

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Re: Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250


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Re: Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250

Was the approval a pop-up ad while you were shopping?

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Re: Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250

Congrats on your approval! 

Your EQ stats are giving me serious hope and inspiration, I've been reclutant to apply for anything else lol.

I want apply for Macys and Walmart in a few months Smiley Very Happy 

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Re: Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250

Welcome to MyFICO. According to your stats, you look  to be heading nowhere but up. 


Congrats on your new card!!!


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Re: Synchrony/Buckle Card Approval - $250



Comenity has been very generous to me with credit limits. Anyone feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but might I suggest once you lower your utilization, try requesting a CLI?


I've opened a few accounts with comenity through the shopping cart trick, and the instant pre-approval turned out to be nowhere near the limits they gave me when I requested an increase immediately after being approved. This may be the case for you as well, and would certainly help buffer your utilization as long as you keep the credit available.

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