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Synchrony CLI extravaganza!!


Synchrony CLI extravaganza!!

ive been trying in vain for CLI's on my synchrony backed cards since my transunion score finally rose above 700. i tried the online request button and was always denied and when the denial letter came, it gave an older, lower score in the mid 600. i decided to call in and plead my case, but didnt know you could ask for a CLI through an automated system. good golly miss molly, i was approved for increases on all my synchrony cards (two were counter offered as i swung for the fences on those)

JCPENNEY- 850>>>5000

SAM'S CLUB-1200>>>5000



TU scores accoring to their websites is 726


ETA: forgot Care Credit is a synchrony card so i said, "what the hey?"

CARE CREDIT-7000>>>15000

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Re: Synchrony CLI extravaganza!!

Nice increases congrats!
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Re: Synchrony CLI extravaganza!!

That’s amazing! Talk about a home run!

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Re: Synchrony CLI extravaganza!!


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Re: Synchrony CLI extravaganza!!

Thanks for the reminder.  Was stuck at $6000 with my Amazon store card for a few months so just went in and asked for $10,000 and instantly approved.  Probably left money on the table so next month I'll try for $15,000.


I actually have about $10,000 budgeted to spend at Amazon (for the past 7 months the money's been sitting in HYS) so hopefully Amazon offers some 10% cashback categories towards that spend soon!

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Re: Synchrony CLI extravaganza!!

Not sure what's going on, but they are in LOOOOVEEE mode lol


JcPenney - 1400 to 3500

Old Navy  - 200 to 2500

Wal Mart - 350 to 2500


New Amazon Prime store card -- 600!


They denied me on an increase on my Paypal MC though.  That's only at 300 still.


Synchrony TU is 647.  They have been really stingy with me, so I'm totally in shock Smiley Very Happy

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Re: Synchrony CLI extravaganza!!

Nice!!! For my JCPenney to $10k, no more for that card.

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Re: Synchrony CLI extravaganza!!

Nice and congrats!  I just got 20K CLI (10k each) on two retail cards.  

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