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Synchrony Google Store Card

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Re: Synchrony Google Store Card

Opening multiple Synchrony accounts in a short period of time seems to be 1 kind of trigger for a blue envelope. I dont think 2 will do it but when you try opening anywhere from 2-4 accounts in a month, that seems alot and may raise their flags. No true way to proove this but many who did receive blue envelope did app multi cards in a short period. Good thread to read up on about Synchrony if interested .
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Re: Synchrony Google Store Card

You mean 2-4 synch cards or just accounts in general?
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Re: Synchrony Google Store Card

@tydawg wrote:

@kc12286 wrote:

I've been thinking about applying for this card. I applied for Motorola, I think, and was denied. I just apped and was approved for an Old Navy card, at the time I was approved for $1000, but my statement just came and they increased it to $1800. 


I'm not sure if applying for two Synchrony Bank cards back to back will get me an automatic denial though.

Probably not, but just watch out for the Blue envelope. 

What's the blue envelope?


The Motorola app was more than a year ago, I ended up purchasing whatever it was outright. 


I had 3 cards from Sync in total, they closed all 3 within a few years of each other. I wasn't using them at all. It just sucked to take the hit on utilization. 


I'm itching to buy a Pixel or Pixel XL to replace my Motorola X Pure Edition that is givng me lots of trouble. I'm torn between the Pixel and the XL version, both of which are smaller than the Moto X. 



Edit:  I bit the bullet and applied for Google financing and was approved. I may try to wait a few months and see if I release date is announced for Pixel 2. Hopefully I don't get a blue envelope in the mail, as I've had a lot of credit checks recently (mortgage pre-appoval, Old Navy, and now Google).


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