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Synchrony/Newegg CLI Approval (Soft pull)

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Synchrony/Newegg CLI Approval (Soft pull)

I have a Newegg credit card with a limit of $800. 


I called in and I requested a new SL of $5000. After a few holds and a text message verification, I was approved for $5,000 plus an additional $500 for a total limit of $5,500.


I'm really excited, I love Newegg, lol. Probably won't spend anything for a while, maybe make a small $500 purchase here for 0% APR financing and slow pay soon.


Now for some ~Data Points!~


Applied back in November. Reported $12,000 annual income, because I did not include my spouses income (I am a contractor and I usually report very low.)


I do my billing through the web portal.


Called Synchrony at 866-419-4096. Voice requested Credit Limit Increase. Automated system transferred me to an operator. Operator attempted CLI via annual income. I reported $54,720. Put me on hold. Transferred me to I believe an underwriter. Asked my annual income. Said the same. They put me on hold again. Asked to send a text message to verify my identity. Identity approved, put me on another hold. Approved for $5000 plus an additional $500 for a total increase of $4,700.


MyFico scores today are 747 EX, 777 TU and 730 EX. Current utilization is 15% on $5,800 reported. Was a soft pull for CLI.




Here is my current situation (some not reported, just got approved for the Alliant and Costco card, did a balance transfer from Discover. It has NOT reported.



And after the increase:


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Re: *********/Newegg CLI Approval (Soft pull)

Good job.  Can buy lots of cmputer gear at 0% APR whenever you want, nice. Smiley Happy

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Re: Synchrony/Newegg CLI Approval (Soft pull)


    Thanks for posting your experience and also congratulations. I'm about to build a Ryzen 7 system soon with a 480 or one of the 500 series AMD GPUs. It's good that it's just a soft pull since all this time I thought perhaps it would be a hard pull. The 0% APR is very nice as well. Thanks again.

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