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Synchrony Recon Question - Update: Approved

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Re: Synchrony Recon Question

@BLCA wrote:

Feels like more of a verification issue.  Is it me, or are we seeing more and more denials and 7-10 day notices, and delays simply because there is some security issue or verification issue, or simply because if you want the card you HAVE to call in and ask for it.  People even getting approved for $500 starting lines with some banks but if you simply call them, the bank raises it to $5k as if for no logical reason.  I would say the new standard procedure is always call in regardless of the approval status or approved initial credit line.

Dont know, but I prequaled with cap1 for an auto loan. Was approved, but received a letter that the address on the app didn't match my reports. My reports are fine and I don't have that issue with their credit cards. I should note that the first time I applied, I had no issue, but on the second and third application I got the letters. Weird. And before someone asks, I backed put of buying a car the first 2 times and I decided to wait until december this time.

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Re: Synchrony Recon Question

@ehomeyjr wrote:

I just wanted to add that in September of 2017 I called Sync for a Recon of my Wally card from a $700 ridiculous limit to $6k.  Since then I haven't been able to get them to budge.  This was through the offshore number...straight business no chit chat.  I have a 720 FICO and 30% Utilization, mid 100s income, 1.8mos AAOA, 0 mos newst account and 4 inquiries.


Last month my wife applied for a Banana Repulbic card at the POS.  After she was approved I encouraged her to call.  She called the onshore number.  They were really nice, asked some background questions about her intentions.  Her $1,600 limit went to $5k.  765 FICO and 8% utilization, she tacks on my income so upper 100s, 4yrs AAOA, 6 Mos newest account and 2 inquiries.


I called the offshore number today on a Chevron Visa and they were no go.  I laughed to myself because I know that in 90 days I plan to SD every card below 6k.  I will buy a pair of socks on each card yearly for the SD just to keep them cozy and to pad my utilization.  Today my FICO is a 749, Utilization 6%, Inquiries 13, New Accounts 25 and the rest of my stats above are the same.  I'm surprised they even approved me given the number of new accounts.


The point of my post?  Especially long after this one has died down?  Just to point out that Sync does recon...sometimes.

They do NOT recon declined credit card applications.


Unless it's a verification issue.



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Re: Synchrony Recon Question

I can’t argue that.
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