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Synovus Cash Rewards $20,000!!!

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Re: Synovus Cash Rewards $20,000!!!

Updated original post with Synovus Card caveat regarding the online platform an app...

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Re: Synovus Cash Rewards $20,000!!!

Thanks for post do you know if they have credit limit increases with soft pulls?


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Re: Synovus Cash Rewards $20,000!!!

CIC Please direct me to the primary CDW. My T&C says secondary. Did this change?
-Our Community’s updated scoring wisdom: Link to Scoring Primer.
-For Negative Reason Codes see: CassieCard’s Score Factors thread.
-ccquest’s workbook to calculate metrics for you: Link to Workbook.

Correct Ag.Util. under 5% all times. Highest from under 5%>48%, Accts: 1/21>10/21, $6,137. Dec 2020, (Oldest/avg varies. Estimates above.)
Real world mortgage maxes are: EQ5-818, TU4-839, EX2-844.

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