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Synovus Cash Rewards $20,000!!!

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Re: Synovus Cash Rewards $20,000!!!

Updated original post with Synovus Card caveat regarding the online platform an app...

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Re: Synovus Cash Rewards $20,000!!!

Thanks for post do you know if they have credit limit increases with soft pulls?


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Re: Synovus Cash Rewards $20,000!!!

CIC Please direct me to the primary CDW. My T&C says secondary. Did this change?
For a collection of our current FICO scoring wisdom, updated as we learn, read the following. Watch the revision dates on the bottom of the first 8 posts as they are regularly updated: Link to Scoring Primer.


Oldest/average age varies by bureau. Estimates above.

Updated Oct 2020, unless otherwise noted.

(Forgive typos, mobile.)(Everything said is Just IMHO.)

In order to better answer your questions and record your DPs, please provide your profile stats: Any baddies? Severity and recency? (clean/dirty), Number of accounts, both open and closed on CRs (thick/thin), AoOA? (Mature/young), AOYRA-Age of Youngest Revolving Account (new accounts/no new accounts)? Open/closed loan on CR?
For example, mine is clean/thick/mature/new account, with open loan on record.
If you don't know where you fall, just detail any baddies, your number of open and closed accounts, AoOA, AOYRA and whether you have a loan on record to start.

For utilization questions, list individual and aggregate utilizations, revolving and installment, please.
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