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Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

Congrats! Theres big money in the Orlando area and when you have 43 million visitors a year to the parks and all the surrounding hotels and resorts. People will spend a ton from all around the world. They want your $. Thankfully i got the FL resident annual pass for us lower spenders. Smiley Happy

My posts are JMHO. My siggy is not to brag at all. Just sharing my experiences after learning here from rebuild to recovery after BK DC @ 540's. And to show fellow members what can be accomplished when you do it right and play the FICO Credit Game.
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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

You dropped 6K on Dillard's shopping spree,  what did you buy? 

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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

@Mahraja wrote:

BB&T:   BTW the in branch approval was SP and not hard i don't know why .....


May well have been a sp because of your relationship with SunTrust. When I opened checking/savings plus the 3 cards the verification ?'s were related to info. from previous dealings with SunTrust (originally Trust Co. Bank of GA) which included info. about my parents who banked with them 40+ yrs. 


Congrats all the way around! 

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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

Congrats on your approval.



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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

Congratulations and welcome to the family all three.

(Forgive typos, mobile.)(Everything said is Just IMHO.)
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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

Cool..congrats on the approvals.  You must be referring to the Downtown Orlando Fashion Square mall....Dillard's there still won't give me a CC. :-(

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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

Awesome approval Raj .Congrats again .man i really wanna get into this bank after reading your DP my hopes are high now 😁
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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

Once again, @Mahraja kicks down the vault doors! Big congrats on pulling more amazing SL's! clapping.gifclap01.gifclap.gif


I'm curious... What is your open card count up to?

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Re: Synovus Rewards Visa $30,000 Approved (Branch 2019 DP)

@Mahraja wrote:

i was super busy back in November and December told you guys going to hit 5 banks in FL so here is the DP and the detail of that trip back in November 23rd 2019... here we go

Synovus Bank : went to the branch requested savings account applied for the visa pulled Equifax (782 f-8) i guess approved 30K with 200$ statement credit... a very very nice friendly bank for sure thanks for the data point from CC and others


Dillard's Amex: visited Florida mall downtown Orlando beautiful place very nice mall saw buckle and Disney store there .. went straight to Dillard's applied for the card got approved (backed by WF) STARTING limit was 4k highest in store may be bumped to 25k upon request spent 6k on the spot end of the story (imp note) was told they will only consider you for the Amex version and not the store ..strange ...


BB&T: nice Gentleman (the banker) took my application in the branch i got approved for Travel Visa since it was the only one showing bonus attached limit was 25k and i told him i already have checking product with SunTrust Bank so there was no need to have banking product with them so i skipped end of the story BTW the in branch approval was SP and not hard i don't know why .....


Regions and Fifth Third: i have savings and checking product with both banks and will apply for credit in about 5 months from now .in the end whenever you guys go out of state on business or pleasure trip budget your time and visit a bank you desire there you don't know what you can achieve until you try cats .... lol @ cats  Smiley LOLSmiley LOL  thanks for reading


Dillards AmexDillards AmexCL ShotCL ShotSynovus CardSynovus Card


Totally out of the ball park home run! Shut the bank doors @Mahraja is coming to raid the vault and does Smiley Happy Grats ...

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