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Target Auto-CLI Train Back On Track

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Re: Target Auto-CLI Train Back On Track

@K-in-Boston wrote:

Thank you!  They usually mail a letter that arrives a week or two later, but I notice it immediately in my credit limit on the main page when I log in after statement closing.  I also have a near panic attack if I look too early after the statement has closed since it will show that I have a payment that was due weeks ago.  (Due date and available credit don't update until the next morning even though credit limit and amount due update around midnight.)

I also check day after statement close. Freaked me out when I first opened card, some fields update night of statement close, and other fields don't update until following day. Only lender I have where that happens.

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Re: Target Auto-CLI Train Back On Track

Congrats! I need to use mine more, it's still stuck at $800. 

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Re: Target Auto-CLI Train Back On Track


Last HP 11-01-2022

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Re: Target Auto-CLI Train Back On Track

Congrats on your Target 🎯 CLI and thank you for sharing those detailed DP's! 

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Re: Target Auto-CLI Train Back On Track

Yep, I also got the $500 auto cli the other day, so I am up to $11,500 on Target MC.

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Re: Target Auto-CLI Train Back On Track

ooh. can't wait until my statement cuts to see if I get one. They axed my CL (and many others) from $1600 to $400 when the pandemic hit.

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