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Target Red Card Approved

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Re: Target Red Card Approved


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Re: Target Red Card Approved

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Congrats!  I started with a $300 limit as well (now 7k MC version), but I would use and PIF regularly and after a while the auto-CLIs started coming in regularly.  The upgrade is to a Mastercard though, not a Visa.  From what I've experienced they like usage, so try to do some purchase/PIF cycles.

I started getting cli's after i started carrying balance on the card. Might be something to consider.

Thanks for confirming. I noticed the same pattern with it eventually -- took me a very long time, though... probably around 5 years.

Target's my major mid-month due-date card, so had a tendency to use it in the last and first/second weeks of months, then PIF entirely as the statement cut. When I stopped doing that for a bit and let balances ride, I got a series of $1K and $2K CLI's. (Updating your income slightly might trigger a re-analysis as well.)


Started at $100 way back in the day (literally my first card, along with Mervyn's)... Eventually moved to the Target Visa (now MasterCard) and now have a $10K limit.


One thing I will say: Their old cards (pre-chip) were awesome looking. The new ones look cheap and hideous >.<

Waiting for my MC in the mail. Shipped out on the 26th of August. Hope they don't look soo bad Smiley Happy

How were your cli's after the switch to the VS (now MC)? Were they still very slow or did it increase quicker?

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