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Target Redcard - Auto CLI

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Target Redcard - Auto CLI

Opened this card in February of 2015 and it had one or two auti CLI's shortly thereafter to $2500. As of the past few years I have not used it much and carried a pretty insane balance on it utilization wise (70+%).


Been paying roughly double the minimum the last few months and just a few days ago made my firt purchase in probably 3-4 months totaling $25 or so.


Statement cut today and I saw an $800 CLI! $2500->$3300. This is a huge one and dropped me below 50% UTI on that card finally (the only card above 30% at this point -- Most at 0%).


A very pleasant surprise indeed.


Anyone know if I am likely to get the mastercard upgrade with this new limit?


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Re: Target Redcard - Auto CLI

Congratulations on your CLI!
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Re: Target Redcard - Auto CLI

Congrats on your auto increase! 

Got some pruning to do... No more new cards!
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Re: Target Redcard - Auto CLI



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Re: Target Redcard - Auto CLI

Congrats! You, too were blessed before the holidays LOL Smiley LOL

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Re: Target Redcard - Auto CLI

Congrats on the CLI!  I'm curious also on the rhyme and reason behind the Target upgrade to Mastercard as well.

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