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Terrific Week with Credit Citi and Bank of America

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Terrific Week with Credit Citi and Bank of America

So after holding my Discover IT Card for a year and my TD Plat Visa for 2 years I decided it was time to diversify a bit while also making sure my average credit age is solid come 5-6 years from now. 

I get my FICO from Discover and had a 740 so I thought it was the time to pull the trigger on some credit moves.


I had a 1000 Line on Discover so I requested a CLI and got one approved to 2000 without them even pulling my credit! (NICE)


I applied for a Citi Double Cash Card because I always pay back in full and got instant approval for 2300, (VERY NICE) 


Then I applied for the Capital One Quicksilver because I was looking for a card with no foreign transaction fees since I'll be in Europe for the next spring semester but was instantly declined. I called their recon. line the next day and the lady said that even though they couldn't disclose my reasons till I got my letter; howver, they could do a reevaulation if they pulled my scores again. I said fine because at this point I didn't think I was going to apply for anything else, and she said okay they'll get back to me in 7-10 days, (still no response so waiting for letter) 


Annoyed about Quicksilver Card, I requested an increase for my TD Plat and they gave me an extra 250 so now it sits at 1250, can't complain since my salary while in college isn't super high. 


On Tuesday since I had heard nothing from Quicksilver I applied for a BOA Travel rewards card that went immediately to pending. After talking to a BOA representative they informed me BOA wouldn't hit my credit again if I apply for an additional card today, so I went for the MLB Cash Rewards Card because I like 3% back on gas and it'll help if I ever make banking transistion to BOA which I've considered(because of the 10% bonus they give on credit cards). That card went to pending as well.


Today I got the email from BOA and my Travel Rewards got approved which is awesome (I'l find out CL soon but I don't expect much) and still waiting to hear back on the MLB card. 


Still deciding if I want to reconsider Quicksiver card if I ever get a letter back. I didn't realize Cap1 hits all 3 bureaus but these inquries from above are my only inquries in last 2 years. 


Do any of you think I should try to get Quicksilver reconsidered after the letter or should I just sit tight for a year or two with what I have?


My current Experian Score is 738 (updated today) as even with the inquries the large credit limit from Citi lowered my utilization from 16% to 4% (never missed a payment, have student loans, etc) 

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Re: Terrific Week with Credit Citi and Bank of America

Sounds like you had a pretty good run with some of them which yielded very favorable outcomes.

Unfortunately, Capital One isn't known for reconsiderations. Typically, whatever system decision is made pretty much sticks unless there were any errors or significant CR updates that would otherwise may be re-reviewed or reconsidered. Again, very rare.
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Re: Terrific Week with Credit Citi and Bank of America

Congrats on the good stuff!

As far as capOne....

Sometimes after being told no its best to sit back and wait for them to forget about whatever made them say no in the first place.

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Re: Terrific Week with Credit Citi and Bank of America

Congratulations on your approval!!

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Re: Terrific Week with Credit Citi and Bank of America

Congrats to you on the approvals!! Thats great, and I'll echo what Finstar said as well. Smiley Happy

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
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Re: Terrific Week with Credit Citi and Bank of America

Congrats on approvals

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