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Thanks GEMB!

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Re: Thanks GEMB!



GEMB denied me for a Lowe's card while approved me for JCPenney card for $200.


I'll give Lowe's card another try in the future.

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Re: Thanks GEMB!

@texasman07 wrote:

So I applied for the TJMAXX Card. Approved 200.00$ CL

I applied for the Banana republic Card. Approved 400.00$ CL



And heres the deal with this just in case you get that 7-10 Day Message.  If you call this number 1-866-246-4282 within 48 hours of that 7 -10 Day message, chances are you will get approved.


I appled for the Gap card and got the "Will send you an letter within 7-10 days of our decision" the next day i called the Underwriters number and said, "I think my application need further verification?" ( a lie of course) and the woman said oh sure hold on.  She brought up a few questions and said your approved!!


She also said if you ever get that message to call wtihin 48 hours and most likely GEMB will review your application once more.

Congrats!!! I've received a good amount of $$$ benefits from my JCP card. And DH has Lowe's -- another GEMB card -- which gives him 5% off right at the register. Smiley Happy


Good call on the 7-10 day message. I received that message when I applied for Dillard's -- yet another GEMB card. They called me the next day and wanted verification. I answered a few questions and was told that I was approved for the Amex version. So nice going by being proactive and calling them!

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Re: Thanks GEMB!

Congrats! Did you apply online or in store? I applied in store because I figured I would have a better chance of approval and was denied. Then I called the backdoor number and she said that she could only review applications from online not in store. Sounded fishy to me. But that was about two months ago, going to try again at maybe the end of the year.

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Re: Thanks GEMB!

Apped all online. Acutally Started with the TJMAXX cuz I shop at marshalls a lot.  Approved first. Then I tried Banana I got appoved there also for 400. Then I was in the mood to pull the trigger again and JCPenny gave me 500.  Before I was denied for all 3 about 5 months ago.

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Re: Thanks GEMB!

texasman07, congratulations on your approvals.


I've done alright with GEMB as well:


JC Penney $1500

Amazon $900

Chevron/Texas $350


I got them one per month -in the order listed- starting in March of this year.  The Chevron was on a pre-selected mailing.  They pulled TU for all of them and I'm in California.

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Re: Thanks GEMB!

How did you gets urs to increase so much in so little time ?

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Re: Thanks GEMB!

I've always appreciated what GEMB has done for me. Amazon Store Card at $2700, PayPal SmartConnect at $1700, consistent auto CLI's, very liberal when it comes to GEMB and my credit profile. Smiley Happy


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Re: Thanks GEMB!

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I noticed you posted your current scores for all three (EQ, TU and EX) through "CCC".  What is CCC?   Thanks!

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