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The bank that keeps giving

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Re: The bank that keeps giving

Congrats on the new BB&T card!

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Re: The bank that keeps giving


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Re: The bank that keeps giving

@UH_HUH wrote:

You would go to their pre approval site,type in your information

and it will tell you which card, or cards,

you are qualified. for. If it is your first card it will only

be a soft pull. You will then answer some security questions aboit yourself,

then it will tell you your credit limit. There is a GREAT thread started by

Credit_is_Crack on these forums if you want to learn more about it.

Good Luck :-)


So you have to press "Accept offer" then they'll display the security questions as well as credit limit? 

I would like to know what they'd give me, but I do not want to accept the offer and the application go through. 

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Re: The bank that keeps giving

How long in between 2nd and 3rd card did it take for the preapproval to show approved?

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