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The floor is very slippery! TD Cash, Cap1 QS, BBT

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Re: The floor is very slippery! TD Cash, Cap1 QS, BBT

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Congrats on your approvals!!

I am curious, I know the TD Cash card has a 3% on dining.  That's nice given that the Uber is dropping.  Do you have to have a TD account with them to get approved?  

Also, I know that they are the backer of the Nordstrom card.  Anyone know if that helps or hinders someone if they have that card?

3% dining isn't great when there are plenty of other cards out that with the same offer, the Savor offers 4% beating out the likes of Marvel too. But yes, I have an active account with them. Prob why they instant approved me. 3rd time.

I won't be going to Cap1 for another card.  I hated my experience with them.  So sadly, Savor is off the board.  I also think that it's a statement credit, which I'm not looking for.  As much as I dine out, I'd much rather have actual cash in hand. 

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Closed - Capital One Secured - It's not in my wallet. :-)

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