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Truwest CU called me. I caved!

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Re: Truwest CU called me. I caved!

700 club congrats.


I hit that mark on TU in early March for the first time and late April climbed a little higher into them at 706. My EQ04 has touched as high as 708 but is currently in the high 600's. Coming from scores less than 3 years ago of under 600 and still having a couple negatives that won't fall off for a few months on 1 and a year and a few month on the other it feels amazing.


Although I am learning the "You're Approved" is addictive.

EQ04 675, EQ08 676, EX08 719, TU08 703 $12704.75/$123050 Revolving Credit (All 0% or 1.99%) - In Garden Since 5/25/2016

Last negative item should fall off in July 2017.
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