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Two SP CLI-Discover and Huntington Voice

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Two SP CLI-Discover and Huntington Voice

So while waiting for the results of my US Bank applications, I decided to check for credit line increases. Called Huntington to see if I was eligible and the CSR said yes, went from $6500 to $10000. I opened this account back in January with a SL of $6500. Was hoping for an APR reduction and I was not eligible. The CSR said that I would be in a better position for the reduction if I used the card more. I don't really use this card, and am considering closing it. I line of regret opening it. I also have the Huntington Voice rewards card, just opened in July. I have my cable and other utilities going on this card.

Next up, decided to try for my Discover It card. Last time I got an increase on this card was back in December. I have had this card over 2 years. It started as a student chrom card with a limit of $500. Prior to the increase the CL was $2500. I was approved for a $2500 increase and the new CL is $5000. I do have a Discover it miles that I opened in January. On that card I was approved for $20,000. Discover has always been pretty unpredictable for me. I am considering closing out my Discover after the double points promotion is over and moving that limit to the Discover It.

Anyhow, was a good day today, 2 SP CLI and 2 new approvals with one pull. Smiley Happy.
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Re: Two SP CLI-Discover and Huntington Voice

Great job IRunSmiley Happy heck of way to run from creditSmiley Wink
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Re: Two SP CLI-Discover and Huntington Voice

Nice little run there! Congrats on your success!

My rebuild worked for me, but won't necessarily work for you!
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