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UFCU - University Federal Credit Union ATX


Re: UFCU - University Federal Credit Union ATX

I spoke with someone the other day at UFCU and she confirmed for me what has been reported elsewhere on MyFico -- that a score above 740 qualifies for their best rates, and presumably their second tier starts somewhere around 690-710. She also informed me that one could request one rate change on their auto loan, so if one was around a 720 or so and knew that they would be at 740 in a few months, they could presumably take out the loan and reduce their interest rate a couple of months in.


On the other hand, their phone app is pretty barebones and I can't add them to my USAA dashboard.


OP, do you mind sharing your rough income (both for the Great Rate Card app and the recent Rewards Card/CLI app)? There's not a lot of information on this lender, and I'm curious how liberal/conservative they are with limits/income.


Also, their rewards card is 2 points per dollar. Do you know what kind of redemption value you can get for their points?

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Re: UFCU - University Federal Credit Union ATX

@Bolt78748 wrote:

This credit union is awesome!!! They're my #1 lender with Penfed being #2. They pull Experian and if you don't qualify to join you can just pay the $5 fee to make a donation and you're in. When I first opened my checking acct with them over 2 years ago they told me I was pre-approved for a vehicle loan when my experian fico score was in the 650s. I told them I'd consider and let them know. I called back asking If i applied for the great rate card if they'd use the same pull from earlier. They said yes, they use the same one if it's within 30 days. I was approved for $5,000 I just had to open a checking account and deposit $500. I originally only opened up a savings acct. I made the deposit and recieved my card a few days later. I was able to pull my $500 right away. I called a few days later and asked about the ploc and was approved for another $5k Smiley Happy I now have my scores in the 690s and I asked for a CLI to $15k was approved and asked for the rewards card $15k and approved Smiley Happy They don't give instant approvals and with what's going on it takes a few days for them to process the app. The credit line increase took 3 business days. 

Congratulations, and thanks for sharing the information. Sounds like a great institution.

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Re: UFCU - University Federal Credit Union ATX

Thanks for sharing the information, I have thought about joining a local CU for a while.  Their auto rates do look very competitive.  Glad to hear that they are providing good service and making lending easy.  

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Re: UFCU - University Federal Credit Union ATX

Congrats. Being in ATX, I hear good things about them. I didn't join because I didn't want a HP. Glad they are working out for you. 

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Re: UFCU - University Federal Credit Union ATX

income is in the $300s and I'll see what I can find out about the redemption value. I'll keep you posted. 

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Re: UFCU - University Federal Credit Union ATX

Congrats on the CLI and new rewards CC approval!

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