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US Bank Ace CLI !

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US Bank Ace CLI !

I recieved a CLI offer for my US Bank Ace through email. The link sent me to a new CLI page I have never seen before with past CLIs. I entered income and house expense and recieved a SP $3,500 CLI.  Smiley Happy

Discover IT $17k / US Bank Ace (VSig) $13.5K / US Bank Cash+ (VSig) $13.5k
Sam's Mastercard $15k / Walmart Mastercard $10k / Blispay $7.5k PayPal Ex MC $10.8k
CareCredit 5k / Husq $5k / Cap1 QS $4.5k / Barclay Ring $5.35k / Citi DC (WMC) $12k
Gardening Date 7/01/16 / MyFico 08: EQ 801 / TU 777 / EX 771 / 06/08/17
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Re: US Bank Ace CLI !

Nice .... Congrats! 

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Re: US Bank Ace CLI !

Nice Congrats!!!!! 

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Re: US Bank Ace CLI !

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Re: US Bank Ace CLI !

Wow you've held on to your US Bank cards awhile too! Patience and i mean patience is required. Smiley Very Happy



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Re: US Bank Ace CLI !

Yeah, got one of those 5 years ago and got a 10K SP CLI instantly. Got another one last year and thought "Boy, can't wait to do this one after the last one they gave me!" Another SP instant aproval - for $500.00 dollars. Yep, you read that right - five hundred dollars! What a disappointment.

Over $300,000 in credit across 12 cards.

FICO ranges from 807-813 as of 06/15/2021
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Re: US Bank Ace CLI !

Conrats on the increase

Total CL: $314.7kUTL: 2%AAoA: 6.8yrsBaddies: 0Other: Lease, Loan, *No Mortgage, All Inq's from Jun '20 Car Shopping

BoA-55k | NFCU-45k | DISC-40.6k | PENFED-38.4k | AMEX-37k | LOWES-35k | ALLIANT-25k | BARCLAYS-15k | CITI-13.7k | CHASE-10k

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Re: US Bank Ace CLI !

Excellent! Congratulations!

Daily Drivers: Penfed Platinum Rewards; NFCU GoRewards; Discover..
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Re: US Bank Ace CLI !

Nice job Coldnmn, congrats on that!!

Nice to see you that you're still around with usSmiley Wink

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Re: US Bank Ace CLI !

Thats a nice CLI, congrats

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