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US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

Congrats on your AR approval!!

I applied for this card 2 hours ago and got the 'we need more time' screen. But at least it wasn't an instant denial like last time. Fingers crossed that I get to make an approval post this week.

Congrats again!!
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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

Fun thanks for that!  Congrats on obtaining your card; hope it arrives soon and you don't have to chase down the usps mail carrier.  You wouldn't do that would you?Smiley Very Happy Just kidding but Congrats again!

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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

Yep, can take awhile for US Bank to do anything, just got a pre approved mailer for their platinum, wont be sending that one in. Pretty good SL too, congrats Smiley Happy
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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

I'm on a plane that which I only had 90 mins notice to flyout so didnt see this til now. Congrats on the approval, Zoomz! Let the chanting commence 🍸🥃


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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

Congratulations on getting a prestigious card. 

OK, I'm back to a seedling, but I'm done for a long time (unless, of course a great offer comes along).
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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

Heck yeah! Congrats!

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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

Congrats!! Use it in good health!
(Heads to medicine cabinet for the NyQuil.)
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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

Congrats on the approval!!!

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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga

Congrats! As others have said: it's a really great card. Although USB has some technical lumps here and there, I have found the customer service to be top notch when I have needed something. 

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Re: US Bank Altitude Reserve Saga




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