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US Bank Altitude Visa Approved

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US Bank Altitude Visa Approved

Since I wanted the use the card for travel over the holidays, I went to my branch and pulled the trigger.  At the time, I had 4 inquiries in the past year, with 1 in the past 6 months.  Also, had 1 new cc account within the past 6 months.  Utilization at 9%.  Fico 8 scores were EX 758, TU 748, EQ 774.  Not sure which version was used, but they doubled pulled Experian - once for Altitude and second for PLOC.  Both were sent to manual review.  Later that day I received a call from the banker stating the AR was approved for $5k.  With that low a limit, I thought I would be approved for the PLOC.  The next day I had a call that the PLOC was denied.  While not all that happy with limit and being denied for the PLOC, I contacted their underwriting department to try to increase the cl on the AR.  I told the rep that I had been approved for the AR and was hoping to increase the cl.   She asked me how much I wanted.  Since I didn't want to push it, I asked to $10k.  The only question she asked was what I was going to use it for.  I told her to travel over the holidays.  She said she would submit it and that is could take 24 to 48 hours.  I logged into my US Bank account this morning and the AR is on my dashboard with a cl of $10k.  

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Re: US Bank Altitude Visa Approved


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Re: US Bank Altitude Visa Approved

Nicely played, W. Are you planning to recon the PLOC too -- might as well, right?

Congrats! on the 10K. 

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Re: US Bank Altitude Visa Approved

Congratulations on the approval and the recon!

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Re: US Bank Altitude Visa Approved

Congrats! One day I will get my hands on a premium card! Smiley Wink


US Bank pulled Fico 9 for me.

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Re: US Bank Altitude Visa Approved

Congrats on the approval, awesome card as well!

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