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Re: US Bank CLI

Either way, you got a very nice CLI... Congratulations!!!  Smiley Happy

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Re: US Bank CLI

Thanks everyone, been riding this high all day. Definitely was nice given my recent CLI luck, or lack of lately.


@CreditMagic7 wrote:

That's because with the weather warming up again finally, some banks like USB (for some reason or another) just like to spring decent increases like that to encourage additional spend.


It's as sure as the day is long for some banks to ramp up cards that have been thin in the skin for awhile. Smiley Very Happy


Congratulations on a nice CLI and new limit!

Interesting that you say that, it's always been this time of year with their CLIs.


Oh BTW  

I'm loving your new JM Visa, quite a refreshing change from the Reases card. Smiley LOL

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