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US Bank Cash + Approval :D

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Re: US Bank Cash + Approval :D


Can't get them in Georgia...

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Re: US Bank Cash + Approval :D

@PlatoPuss wrote:

Applied online and got an automatic approval with a 20k SL.


They pulled Experian @ 788, with 1/12 inquiries and 0/12 new accounts.


This one feels extra good, had been waiting around 8 months for my new accounts and inquiries to fall off after being rejected for this card last year.


Tempted to go for the Altitude Go right now before this card reports on my credit report.


Congratulations US creditcards go fast every 7 months soft cli's. What is your income a 20K is nice starting limit. I would not apply for another card with them, there internal system will pick it up. I first had US cash visa+ and then went for Altitude go visa card about 10 months later have total of 39.5K total credit lines between 2 cards on 85K income and Fico scores around 800.

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Re: US Bank Cash + Approval :D

Your great patience has received a great reward 😀 

That is an amazing SL, congratulations @PlatoPuss !

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