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US Bank Cash+ Approval

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US Bank Cash+ Approval

I swear this is the last card I'm apping for at least 6 months. I've recently not enjoyed my banking expierience with Chase, and I decided to move to US Bank for my banking needs. However, to keep the monthly fee charges off the account I selected, I needed to hold a CC with them. Needless to say, I selected the Cash+ to compliment my lineup and was given a pending notification. 


3 days later I get called for verification on the checking account, and I ask to be transfered to the CC department to find out the status of the app. It was denied. I submitted it for reconsideration, and today I called in and was approved for a 500 SL. While most people would be upset with this, I am just happy to start a relationship with US Bank.


DPs: TU 690, EX 656, EQ 696

AAoA: 1y3m (and tanking fast with two new cards reporting this month, and 3 including this one yet to report)


Time to garden, and try not to watch my scores as they take some massive blows. 

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Re: US Bank Cash+ Approval

Congratulations on US Bank Cash+ approval!! Smiley Very Happy

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Re: US Bank Cash+ Approval


I have this card and I LOVE it!

Extra $25. bonus gift card when you redeem $100 or more in rewards too!!

I got one of these about 10 days after my reward redemption so they're quick with bonuses(?) (holy moly I'm drawing a spelling blank lol)


Good for you. 

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Re: US Bank Cash+ Approval

Thank you guys! Looking forward to using the card Smiley Very Happy

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Re: US Bank Cash+ Approval

Congratulations on the recon and approval!

Starting Scores FICO 8 (Feb '18):
EX- 519, TU- 530, EQ- 545

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Re: US Bank Cash+ Approval

Congrats on aporoval
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Re: US Bank Cash+ Approval

Thanks guys! Smiley Happy

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Re: US Bank Cash+ Approval

Congrats on the approval! I recently applied as well, excited to receive the card. The utilities 5% category made it a must-have. What type of account did you start with US Bank, if you don't mind me asking? Just curious as you say holding the CC will waive the monthly acct maintanence fee. I'm interested in building a relationship w/ USB as well, many branches locally.

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Re: US Bank Cash+ Approval

If its one thing that anyone can learn here on these forums, is the power of recon!! Im a firm believer in recons, and have received several cards/CLI's via recons, LOL. Congrats to you on the approval!

Scores held down by umpteen INQ & New accounts, and a paid off loan and new loan reporting.
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Re: US Bank Cash+ Approval

Congrats on the approval!  USB manually reviewed both of my cards, and it took recons to actually get them.  Enjoy those 5% catagories, and be sure to select them at least a couple days before you go to spend in the catagory to ensure you get the points.



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