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USAA Amex Approval

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Re: USAA Amex Approval

Probably a full member, I've been told the Amex isn't available to partial members. Partials can get the Platinum MC if I'm not mistaken.

Starting Score: EQ 681 5/2011, EX 656 6/2011 (PSECU), TU98 642 6/2011
Current Score: EQ 741 12/2011, EX 730 08/15 (PSECU), TU08 710 08/15
Goal Score: 725+ across the board

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Re: USAA Amex Approval

Yup - full member thru my dad. I LOVE their auto insurance rate. Smiley Very Happy


BTW - Just got word from American Express - I've been approved for ZYNC! Who hooo. I'm a member! I'm a member. Now I am totally in garden mode until time to buy house! Smiley Tongue

Cap 1 Plat: $750 | Zync: NPSL | NFCU Rewards MC: $23K | Nordstrom Visa: $10K | USAA Amex: $4K | Chase Freedom: $5K | Discover IT: 11,500K | BCE: $ 11K
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Re: USAA Amex Approval

I was Approved for USAA AMEX for 4K!!!! with 646 Experian Score and being a parcial Memeber and I got the AMEX. World Mastercard is still under review. I have a 6 year old Foreclosure still reporting along with several old CO's from the same time period. I have rebuilt and have the following portfolio. Also I went BK in 2000 and included AMEX and Discover in that. It does not show on my CR anymore but I have aquired AMEX and Discover again (Dont beleive in the Blacklist) or I was just very lucky on both and fell through the cracks and my accounts are backdated to the original Included in BK. (1997)


1. Discover $1000 First to make me Primetime again but CL is to low for me to use it.

2. AMEX Zinc NPSL Gonna close it cause It is being discontinued and it got me in the door for 2 of their revolvers.

3. AMEX Jetblue Tueblue rewards $1000 will triple next month

4. AMEX Blue $6000 They are trying to get me to Upgrade to the BCP for a $70 anual fee the Blue has no Annual fee

5. Ebay Platinum Mastercard $2000

6. Citi Thank You $1000 

7. CapitalOne Venture Rewards $3000

8. USAA Total Rewards AMEX $4000 (Partial Member) I only have a Credit Card with them.


Store Cards


Dillards $2000 Only one I even use

Banana Republic $900

JCrew $500

TJMax $500



TU 698/ EQ 689/ EX 646

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